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Time-lapse Intervalometers and Remote Timers: How to Choose the Right One

So you've just scoured your camera's manual and sifted through the extensive menu system and alas, no built in intervalometer. That's ok, an external timer remote for your camera is lot less expensive than you think. Well, some of them are. That's the purpose of this post is to layout some of the options that exist when looking for an external intervalometer for DSLR time-lapse photography.
Canon EOS 7D

DSLRs, Mirrorless and GoPro Cameras for Timelapse Photography

I took this snapshot of my Canon 7D. It's what I use for all my photographic work. Is it the best camera for time-lapse photography? Geeze, that's a loaded question! Maybe we should slowly let the hammer back by starting somewhere a little different. Now if you already have a camera, that's great!, there is a very good chance you are closer than you think to beginning time-lapse photography...