I just learned of a new time-lapse development project on Kickstarter. Elijah Parker in Minneapolis, MN is working on producing a pretty powerful new intervalometer for DSLR cameras. Check it out:

Timelapse+ intervalometer Features from Elijah Parker on Vimeo.

Some things that definitely stand out is the multiple exposure / HDR time-lapse capabilities, bulb ramping functionality as well as some cool things that might come from having wireless control from computers or smartphones. The fact that the entire system is open source is also very exciting.

If you are looking to purchase an intervalometer anyway or want to help support new innovations in the time-lapse field, you might want to check out his page on kickstarter.

Best of luck Elijah and I will hopefully be able to become a backer very soon.

More info from his kickstarter listing:

Timelapse+ : what is it?

The Timelapse+ is first and foremost an intervalometer, or timer device, for automatically triggering SLR cameras. It is very powerful and flexible for doing time-lapse photography. Beyond that, it will have wireless capabilities for connecting with accessories, including smartphones.

It can interface to Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Sony, Pentax and Minolta SLR cameras (as long as they have a connection for a cable release). The adaptor cables plug in to a 2.5mm jack on the Timelapse+ device. The adaptor cable for the camera you specify will be shipped with your device.

What makes it different?

Yes, there are other devices out there. Why this one? You can do more. As an intervalometer, you can set a delayed start, the interval, length of exposure in tenths of a second (or let the camera do it), how many exposures per interval (for HDR!) with a different duration for each exposure, and more. And, the firmware will be OPEN SOURCE! So anyone can build upon it and try new things.

Here are the intervalometer features:

Take an unlimited number of photos
Take sets of photos per interval for HDR (up to 10)
Each exposure in the set can be set to a different duration
1/10 second resolution for the interval and BULB duration
BULB ramping – shift exposure smoothly during the timelapse (to be implemented)
Auto BULB ramping based on the light meter (to be implemented)
Three important things govern the design:

Ease of use
Flexibility and Extendability
It’s easy to setup and the large screen lets you see everything you need to know at a glance, yet it supports complex timing configurations.

The bluetooth interface (OPTIONAL) allows for future expansion and support for accessories such as sensors for automatically tripping the shutter and even smartphones. The bluetooth component has yet to be developed so there’s a lot more to come in that area. If you have ideas or requests for sensors, I’d love to know about them!

With the IR remote it can trigger the camera without needing to be connected (for cameras with an IR receiver).

The light sensor can also be used to trigger the camera (upon reaching a certain threshold, e.g., lightening) or to vary the length of exposure automatically (to be implemented). It’s also used for automatically dimming the screen.

What are the funds for?

The funding goal is needed in order to produce the Timelapse+ at a large enough quantity to have an affordable price, as well as to cover startup expenses including FCC approval and injection mold fabrication for the case.


  • Thanks Ryan! It’s exciting to see it here!

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