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Completely updated for 2018: Learn timelapse with easy to understand examples, workflows, walkthroughs and diagrams covering basic to advanced topics.

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Beginner, intermediate and advanced shooters will learn by step-by-step examples the art and science of timelapse photography, start to finish.


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What this book teaches

A complete introduction to shooting, processing and rendering time-lapse movies - images, diagrams, and workflow illustrations – Printable summaries and checklists – 152 pages in length

Timelapse eBook Chapter 1

Timelapse Gear

Timelapse gear from basic to advanced: cameras, tripods, intervalometers, ND filters, lenses, time-lapse motion control devices and exposure ramping solutions.

Timelapse eBook Chapter 2

Camera Settings

Balancing time-lapse image settings, how to fit all those pictures on your memory card and important considerations regarding aspect ratio and HD/4K quality.

Timelapse eBook Chapter 3

Shooting Timelapse

How to shoot timelapse: composition, exposure, dragging your shutter and selecting the right time-lapse interval to get the look you want.

Timelapse eBook Chapter 4

Timelapse Flicker

Time-lapse flicker: What the heck is it, how to prevent it, and if it does occur how to correct it.

Timelapse eBook Chapter 5

Timelapse Move Rendering

Everything you need to know about timelapse video software, easy to follow workflows and walkthroughs of rendering applications, codecs and frame rates, output settings and more.

Timelapse eBook Chapter 6

Timelapse Challenges

Test your timelapse skills! Intro challenges covering Milky Way timelapse, flicker free day to night transitions (the time-lapse Holy Grail), HDR timelapses and time-lapse motion control devices.

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Timelapse Reader Testimonials

4.3 out of 4.5 Amazon Reviews

Time Lapse book : 4 thumbs up! I’ve been in photography since I’m 15 (so that’s almost 30 years .. gosh !!), and I’ve tried many things.. but your book gave me that kick I love so much in photography, there are new exiting things I can try and do, and you just made me not only discover it, but also WANT to do it… really badly :)


I just wanted to take a second and congratulate you on that great eBook. I bought it last thursday and by the end of sunday i was done with it. Very good book, great information and the way you explain it makes it a really easy to learn process. Just wanted to give you your props for the great book.


Just what I was looking for to get started with time-lapse photography. The book provides easy to follow steps for setting up, taking and then processing time-lapse photos. There's also a nice comparison of various pieces of equipment and software along with recommendations and tips that I found very helpful.

-K Mahone

I’ve read straight through and am most impressed with the amount of information written in such concise readable fashion. You are to be heartily congratulated on the book, I am really highly delighted with it and feel quite inspired. I can’t wait to get started.


I have been a serious landscape photographers for several years and only now am getting into time lapse photography. But I needed help in the area of processing my video so I downloaded this book. After looking at the table of contents I thought I would breeze through the first half of the book as I knew enough about setting the camera up. I was very surprised that there were many tips and ideas about setup, flickering ect that I didn't know. The book is well laid out and easy to understand. I saved a little money by doing a digital download and now have it on my Ipads. So I can take it with me in the field if needed. In a nutshell if you are wanting to do time lapse this book will be more help than you might think even if you are an advanced photographer. I would buy again and if you want to do time lapse you need this book. It is a bargain at the price.


About the Author

Ryan Chylinski Timelpase Book Author

Ryan Chylinski

"Time-lapse collects life's hidden change and ignites photography with incredible motion, pulling back the curtains of subtlety or patience. It's a unique experience, and it's gotta be shared."

Ryan Chylinski is an American photographer, entrepreneur, and outdoors enthusiast from the flagship city of Erie Pennsylvania. Founder of, a community powered time-lapse education and experimentation hub, Ryan's philosophy centers on teaching, sharing and a continual drive to never stop learning.

Ryan received his BS from The Rochester Institute of Technology in 2008, where he studied computer engineering at the College of Applied Science and Technology in Rochester New York. With his roots in technical tinkering, time spent travelling and in nature and an overriding sense of wonder, Ryan found his calling in time-lapse photography.

Thanks to the help of an incredible community of time-lapse enthusiasts and inspired by the beauty of Upstate New York and Northwest Pennsylvania, Ryan honed his time-lapse experiences amidst some of the most beautiful temperate landscapes imaginable.