Disclaimer and Ethics Statement
Founded in 2011, Learntimelapse.com is a site set up with the intention of sharing the exciting world of time-lapse photography and to help new and experienced time-lapse photographers experiment and improve their skills.

To help this site expand and cover costs of running, Learntimelapse.com runs some advertising and engages in the use of some affiliate links.  These affiliate links (manly to the Amazon electronic store) earn Learntimelapse.com a small commission on purchases that are made after visiting Amazon when clicking on one of our links.

I am not a trained journalist and do my best to remain completely objective.

I do not accept forms of influence to affect what I say about a product or site.

I do not have an unlimited camera budget and have slowly built a collection of quality gear. I have also made mistakes and would have been better off to purchase something else (or to not purchase at all) and it’s this knowledge that I will do my best to share.

I have the time-lapse beginner and enthusiast’s best interests at heart.

Any commissions help us to keep Leartimelapse.com growing.

Contact the editor: Ryan Chylinski